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Get Your RV Ready for Summer 23/04/2015

Get Your RV Ready for Summer

As most of us know in Canada, RVing is much more of a summer sport.

Darryl Bobbie

While some will use their RV in winter, most of us have winterized our favorite vehicle before the first snowfall. That means that we made sure its exterior, interior, plumbing, chassis and engine were ready for the cold.

Now that summer seems to be ready to come back into our lives, the moment has come to get our RV back and ready to hit the road. So how do we go about making sure we are ready to go on that first long weekend?

The first step has to do with the water system. If you used antifreeze, it is obviously important to remove it from the water system. You therefore need to run fresh water through the entire system, making sure you do not forget the outside shower, all the faucets, toilet, ice maker, water heater tank, and so forth. First drain the antifreeze from the water tank and then add fresh water to the tank. Make sure you do not seen any remnants of antifreeze when the water is running.

Next, you need to sanitize your water using bleach. Use a quarter cup of bleach for every 15 gallons of water, and again run the water through the entire system. Run the hot and cold water faucets until you smell bleach, then shut everything off and let it sit for 12 hours. After, empty the water tank, and fill it with fresh water before turning on the water pump. You may have to do this a few times until you do not smell bleach anymore.

You also want to check your batteries, or have an RV center do it for you. Then, check all fluid levels as well as your tires. Also, you need to check your appliances once you have turned on the LP gas valve (make sure there is water in the water heating tank). If your appliances are not working properly, have them checked by an authorized dealer.