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How to Keep Cool in Your RV This Summer 23/04/2015

How to Keep Cool in Your RV This Summer

Summer is finally around the corner, and that means that we will soon be enjoying a nice relaxing evening outside our RV with friends without needed to run inside to get a jacket.

Darryl Bobbie

Ah yes, we all love those lovely summer nights at the camp site or wherever our RV takes us.

On the other hand, during the day, things can get pretty warm inside if we are not well-prepared. Obviously, most RVs today are equipped with air conditioning, but it would be a mistake to leave home for our first camping trip thinking that everything is fine, and not taking the time to look into making sure we will be able to beat the heat when the sun goes into full force.

That means that the first thing we must do is make sure our RV’s air conditioning system is functioning properly. It is also important to clean the filters on a regular interval by using either soapy water or a vacuum. It is also important to always keep a set of filters on hand for emergencies.

Even if your air conditioning system is in perfect shape, it’s important to keep away from the sun as much as possible, and avoid direct contact between sunlight and the RV. Therefore, it might be a good idea to park your recreational vehicle in a shady area in order to not put too much strain on your RV’s cooling system.

It can also be smart not to cook inside your RV. Back to the air conditioning system, it is a very smart idea to install a thermostatically controlled fan behind your system’s refrigerator. It will help evacuate hot air that tends to get trapped back there. Speaking of evacuating air, installing air vents over the roof vents is another good idea that will help you keep cool in your RV.