Top 3 Places in Ontario You HAVE to Visit in Your RV

August 20th, 2018 by

If you are currently an RV owner, then you will appreciate this list of beautiful places that you and your family MUST visit with your recreational vehicle.

Bruce Peninsula National Park

Bruce Peninsula National Park is the home of dramatic cliffs rising from the cool blue turquoise waters of Georgian Bay. From the vast rocky areas to the diverse wetlands – this National Park is filled with beautiful views and will give you your fix of the outdoors! This awesome spot is less than a five hour drive away from our dealership in Sudbury!

Georgian Bay Islands National Park

If you and your friends and family are looking for a place to bring or rent canoes and kayaks – maybe you should give Georgian Bay Islands National Park a chance this summer! Between water sports, hiking trails, geocaching and bicycling opportunities – this incredible park will suit all of your outdoor needs! AND it’s only a 2.5 hour drive away from Sudbury!

Killarney Provincial Park

Looking for something closer to home? Killarney Provincial Park is only an hour drive away from Sudbury! Interested in biking? Birding? Boating? They have it all! With 6 beautiful hiking trails varying from 3 km to 80 km – you and your friends and family will never be bored of these beautiful landscapes and exciting activities.

Why Take The RV?

RV Vacations are the best way to travel and experience the great outdoors! Here’s a few reasons why you should consider RV travel next time:

  • It’s less costly! Travelling with your family can be expensive with accommodations and travel costs – with an RV, you can accommodate your family, travel together, AND feed them! Having a space to cook means that you will save money, and be able to eat more healthy food!
  • More space! Sick of being cramped in a tent with the kids AND the dogs? Rv’s are spacious and give you and your family and friends more room to relax.
  • Build lasting relationships! All that time together in your RV will give you the opportunity to build memories that will last forever. PLUS you will be able to meet new people in campgrounds that you wouldn’t have otherwise had the opportunity to meet.
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